• Aries

    You'll try to find an alternative solution for a sudden problem and will ask help from a trusty co-worker. You'll be particularly neurotic because of a date which was postponed at the last moment; you won't even feel like fixing another one!

  • Taurus

    You'll be very scrupulous, watching carefully over those in your midst but you'll use ways which will irritate work partners. Something will have a negative effect on your choices; beware of false friends who maybe intend to harm you.

  • Gemini

    You'll feel extremely tired and won't want to do anything which is too hard. Try not to compromise all the effort you've made until now. Do not trust your instinct which will be put to the test by your loved one's unexpected attitude, so try to stay cautious.

  • Cancer

    You'll try to involve a friend in your future projects as they would be beneficial for both of you. There is a stellium of planets in your sign; this will make you more objective and you'll find the right words to soothe your partner's heated opinions.

  • Leo

    You'll have the support of a very diligent co-worker to get out of a complex situation which requires time and patience. You'll be able to stabilize your relationship and feel intense emotions.

  • Virgo

    You'll manage a new task really well and this will highlight your initiative and great ideas. With positive thoughts you could further improve your relationship so that it becomes unique and lets you feel totally fulfilled.

  • Libra

    You'll get revenge on someone who has underestimated you and belittled your potential. Your loved one really trusts you and will try to comply with you to simplify and ease problems.

  • Scorpio

    Now is not the right time for making investments or changing jobs. Be prudent and patient. If you want your relationship to improve, you shouldn't always give in to his or her whims. Let your beloved realize you have other interests.

  • Sagittarius

    You'll realize that there's a hostile, tense atmosphere. Don't worry; act as normal. Even if the Moon is not your friend, your intuition will allow you to anticipate problems.

  • Capricorn

    You'll receive reassuring news which will let you hold your head high and confirm your iron will. Try not to have a heated argument with your loved one. Be conciliating.

  • Aquarius

    You won't feel tired and this will lead to great things. With patience and tenacity, you'll get unexpected, profitable results. Your loved one will be truly happy with your spirit of initiative and will follow you with great curiosity in everything. You'll be very enthusiastic and passionate.

  • Pisces

    You'll be far-sighted and results won't take long to arrive. You'll put yourself in a good light and aspire to a more attractive job role. You'll feel a little on edge as things aren't going as you'd like them to and you won't be able to keep your promises.