• Aries

    Stop being so sure of yourself and try to work with others in a flexible way. You'll be very extrovert in this period and others will find your happy-go-lucky ways contagious. You'll have no inhibitions in saying what you think.

  • Taurus

    Be careful and avoid making mistakes as you could lose a great deal of money. Everything will go smoothly, you'll be able to fulfill your desires and will have a romantic evening full of tenderness.

  • Gemini

    You'll be able to involve your firm in a new opportunity and this will be beneficial financially for many people. You may be accused of being unsubtle by highlighting your partner's faults in front of people who your partner does not really appreciate and to whom he/ she rarely speaks of himself/ herself.

  • Cancer

    You'll be able to settle small problems; you'll be stimulated to give the best of yourself and be positive. Today you won't have the right instinct towards your partner. You could be invasive and indelicate.

  • Leo

    Someone will try to condition you to have the upper hand; with an innocent face, be shrewd and you'll overcome this problem. Avoid taking the initiative with your beloved as this could lead to arguments. Act so that it looks like he or she is taking the initiative.

  • Virgo

    Don't force events; try to accept limits and find the time to find equilibrium and harmony. Misunderstandings are on the cards and these are due to your excessive curiosity but a favorable Moon will help you to clarify things.

  • Libra

    Don't take things too easy. The Stars are still on your side but it's better to adopt shrewd tactics to make your tasks easier. You'll have a heightened sixth sense and this will help you ward off any jealousy your partner may feel. This will also help you to anticipate all his or her moves.

  • Scorpio

    Don't wait until the last minute but try to anticipate difficulties by careful concentration. Then you'll come out with your head high. Something will have a negative effect on your choices; beware of false friends who maybe intend to harm you.

  • Sagittarius

    You'll manage a new task really well and this will highlight your initiative and great ideas. Something will put your relationship to the test; avoid jealously and futile fights as the Stars claim your partner really loves you.

  • Capricorn

    You'll be asked to be scrupulous and careful at work so check over all possible errors. Positive Stars are on the cards so expect great harmony and intense emotions with your partner.

  • Aquarius

    You'll be particularly audacious at grasping every opportunity in this phase; you won't be so conservative and your income will increase. Something will make your relationship unstable; this could be your presumptuous behavior which will irritate your partner.

  • Pisces

    Don't rush your plans for the future; by being a little patient, you'll get more than you expected. Something will put your relationship to the test; avoid jealously and futile fights as the Stars claim your partner really loves you.