• Aries

    You won't be satisfied with your results and will want to overtake others. Be careful as someone could discover what you're up to. You'll feel sort of dissatisfied and it'll be difficult for you to share this with your loved one. However, try not to be disagreeable with him or her.

  • Taurus

    You'll tend to provoke others and be stubborn. This could lead to disagreements and rancor. You'll feel like casting aside your worries and you'll find excuses to criticize you partner. This will make you feel better.

  • Gemini

    Do not shout or raise your voice; you can obtain the same things by being a little more accommodating. With positive thoughts you could further improve your relationship so that it becomes unique and lets you feel totally fulfilled.

  • Cancer

    You'll have a great spirit of collaboration and this means you'll work well as part of team. This will help both your income and self-esteem. You won't accept orders from your beloved and you'll be tempted to knock everything on the head. The Stars advise a little more maturity.

  • Leo

    Your innovative nature will mean you'll conquer those who try to block your aspirations. Don't go too far however. You'll happily accept a loved one's advice; you'll act with spirit and will overcome an obstacle which you thought was insurmountable.

  • Virgo

    Don't take on responsibilities which are beyond your capacity; you risk having to deal with all sorts of problems. You'll make a close friend angry with you by defending your beloved to the end; try not to argue and smooth things over.

  • Libra

    You will cast away your worries and will live daily life in a better way. Maybe you can off-load some work onto a colleague? If you are in a relationship, avoid allusions and criticism as these could lead to separation.

  • Scorpio

    The day starts well for you as the Stars bring news which will determine your success. You'll be fascinating and sensual; it'll be easy to conquer others and you'll be able to start up a new relationship if you are single.

  • Sagittarius

    A minor disappointment is forecast but don't let this upset you as there are great opportunities on the cards. You'll be surrounded by cool, lively people who'll try to drag you to an exciting, unusual evening. Involve your partner however.

  • Capricorn

    You'll realize a change is needed to improve your daily situation and build towards a more solid future. Give your partner some space. Put off talking about private matters until a later date when you're sure about your partner's feelings for you.

  • Aquarius

    You'll have to deal with a talkative colleague who'll try to impose his or her will. You'll be able to rekindle your feelings and passion for your beloved and will be sweet and gentle towards him or her.

  • Pisces

    You'll be charismatic, energetic and charming and eventually, because of this, you will be given a difficult project to carry out which you will do well. You'll be really proud of yourself as things are going well. Your relationship will be harmonious and balanced.